Zinnia Network

In a world where everyone wonders
if you are as good as your word,
Zinnia is built on...

Ownership, Transparency & Freedom

our vision

 “To create a decentralized future where everyone has fundamental digital ownership, security, & freedom through open innovation and transparency.”

Why is Zinnia different?

Zinnia is a layer 1 blockchain with a new smart contract enabled layer 2. It incorporates the bleeding edge of technology to create a robust and reliable network that addresses significant challenges in the blockchain industry. The goal is to use Zinnia Network to provide a backbone for the next generation of the internet, web3.

Self-funded network

Zinnia’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) receives 10% of all block rewards to fund the ongoing development of the network through its decentralized treasury.

Zinnia offers endless functionalities, here are just a few…

Hybrid consensus

Zinnia combines Proof of Work and Proof of Stake to allow you to both mine and stake $ZINN.


Have your say! The most important aspect of any decentralized network is its community. Help us to shape the network's direction. By staking your $ZINN your voice is heard.

We dream

We encourage developers and community members to think outside the box and build solutions that solve real problems.
If that's you, we'll help you take off.

And, there’s more…

Your data

Tools for Proof of Creation & Proof of Ownership

Decentralized community storage

Enterprise NFTs

Web3 infrastructure

Build web3 apps

Tokenize your project

Charge fees in your own token

Every day apps

Practical features for everyone

Completely decentralized

Community driven solutions

Got green fingers? Become a gardener

Governed by its community of gardeners, the DAO will govern all aspects of the network. That means you directly influence what gets built and what gets changed. You safeguard the longevity of the network, it's health and direction.

Keen to find out more about Zinnia Network?

Download Zinnia Litepaper