Zinnia Network — Building the Future of the Internet

February 1, 2022

Zinnia Network aspires to combine the best of current and future innovations in one blockchain ecosystem and drive decentralized technology into the mainstream.

A Zinnia Flower

When our grandparents were the youth of their day, they never believed a man could land on the moon. When our parents were the youth of their day, they never believed we could live in space. And, when we were the youth of our day (at least some of us), mobile communication devices belonged on the deck of the Star Trek Enterprise. The human race constantly takes the unimaginable, makes it achievable, and turns it into the normal.

In 2016 on the International Space Station, a humble Zinnia seed bloomed into a flower. It became a symbol of life flourishing beyond the confines of earth, a symbol of the impossible, a symbol of the future.

Zinnia: Seed the Impossible, Grow the Future.

Zinnia flower by Zinnia blockchain network

A User-Centric Future

Usability is one of the biggest challenges in the adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications; that much is clear. The industry is flourishing with incredibly original ideas and fantastic functionality however, the majority are shrouded in complexities. Financial, UI, and access complexities prevent decentralized technology from benefiting from the innovation that mass adoption will inevitably bring. We want everybody to have equal access to our technology regardless of age, sex, income, race, employment, location, or education.

This is why our core focus is to bring the best innovations in the industry to Zinnia and make them usable in the real-world so, as a family across generations and boundaries, we can all experience the future together.

A Fair Network with Fair Chances

Our team has a long history in the cryptocurrency industry.

We witnessed the rise of small blockchain networks, helped some grow, and sadly saw others fade… We joined the community with great hopes for the technology and for the hope the technology promised us… We stood by as projects, favored profit over fair chances and control over decentralization… We planted a seed to grow a totally decentralized network.

Now we need to nurture that seed and grow Zinnia to its full potential. With funding achieved through a fair, 100% transparent coin offering, without a VC-exclusive token sale or unfair buy-in scheme of any kind. But to set up a DAO as soon as possible with a treasury managed by the community.

So What’s Next?

We will release more details on our coin sale soon. We will also release our website and branding very soon, including more detailed information on the network and its capabilities.

First milestones

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