Protect Your Content with Zinnia Network

November 18, 2022

The risk of plagiarism for original content creators is rising rapidly as new social media platforms emerge, and digital content expands. 

Digital content creators frequently face problems with copyright infringement or plagiarism, ultimately leading to wasted time and effort, loss of revenue, and even reputation. Blockchain-based proof-of-creation allows creators to protect their work and minimize the chance of copyright infringement or plagiarism. So let's find out how creators who invest considerable time and money into developing content can benefit from the unique way the technology makes every piece of data immutable. First, we will briefly examine what copyright is, how it currently protects artists, and finally, how Zinnia Network will make a difference.


Copyright & Proof of Ownership

Copyright is afforded worldwide to creators of original creations such as art, literature, or music to protect them from the threat of theft or plagiarism. But is it enough, and could you do more to protect your work? Let's take a quick look at copyright and proof of ownership, so we understand the difference first.  

Copyright Protection: 

All that is required to protect and copyright your work is to create and fix your original creation. For example, an author writes a story (creating) and records the story on a computer drive (fixing); upon completion, copyright protection is provided automatically.   

Copyright Notice: 

Providing a notice on all the distributed copies of your creation informing users that you have created the product and that you own the copyright is known as a Copyright Notice.  

Proof of Ownership: 

Independent proof that you are the creator of a piece of work; therefore, the copyright owner is known as proof of ownership. 

Examples of what can be Copyrighted

  • Literature - Books, Essays, Articles, Speeches, Computer Programs, Instruction Manuals
  • Sound - Songs, Music, Narration, Lyrics 
  • Drama - Opera, Theatre, Screenplays
  • Art - Drawings, Sculptures, Paintings, Tapestries, Photos, Jewellery
  • Film - Commercials, Movies, Vlogs, Live Stream, Animation

Examples of what can't be Copyrighted

  • Names - personal or business
  • Ideas 
  • Products and Processes 

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is when another uses some or all of your work without your permission as the copyright owner. To win a copyright infringement claim, you must prove that you created the work and on what date; this can often be harder than expected, as data can be easily corrupted and manipulated. 

The Zinnia Solution

As we know, a blockchain secures data in a decentralized and distributed ledger that uses peer-to-peer networks to validate transactions and create new blocks. By using this technology, an immutable, transparent, and secure proof of creation can be obtained for any digital file, whether it's a work of art, a written work, or a piece of intellectual property. With the necessary software, blockchain allows users to quickly generate immutable records that nobody can alter or tamper with, including the creator. In addition because the process of securing your work against the blockchain is so simple it will be possible at every step of the creation process from initial drafts right through to the finished masterpiece. 

Zinnia is the first blockchain network to include native proof of creation tools. This solution will be available in the Zinnia application suite and Dapp so that everyone can use it. Zinnia's goal is to create easy-to-use, decentralized applications that help everyone to obtain digital independence, and this solution is one way to do that.