October 22, 2022

If you have been following us on Twitter this week, you may have seen the hashtag #1Million$ZINN in some of our tweets. Why are we tweeting this, and what is $ZINN? Let's find out. 

Zinnia, or $ZINN, is a cryptocurrency. If you're new to this space, here's a quick breakdown of the term… Cryptocurrency consists of two words; first, Cryptography - is the study of secure communication techniques permitting the sender and intended recipient alone to view a message. And second, Currency - a payment method for goods and services usually issued and backed by governments, monarchies, or banks. So, as the name suggests, cryptocurrency (crypto for short) is a digital form of money, solely existing online, built using blockchain technology and cryptographic techniques. 


Zinnia Network has just joined Crew3 to help grow, educate and reward our Zinnia Discord and Twitter communities while increasing engagement across all social media platforms. The total reward available to these communities between both platforms, Discord, and Crew3, is, you guessed it, 1 million $ZINN! To try and get the message out there, we are using #1Million$ZINN. Feel free to use it in your tweets too. 

$ZINN is…

ZINN is the ticker for Zinnia, a utility coin for the Zinnia Network. 

*A ticker is the letters after each digital asset's name, like BTC or ETH, usually, it's 3-4 letters, but it can be more. Most exchanges refer to coins and tokens by their ticker, not their full name.

*A utility coin allows holders to perform specific functions on a network. 

$ZINN can…

Be used for the following purposes;

  • Voting for development (marketing and community-related proposals) 
  • Funding the Decentralized Zinnia DAO
  • Rewarding validators (mining/Staking
  • Paying for and rewarding decentralized storage providers 
  • Paying network fees
  • Securing your data 

$ZINN will…

Be available to the public in 2023, with the first opportunity being through a public launch with an exchange partner.  

$ZINN isn't…

A token, Zinnia is a layer 1 chain, and $ZINN is the utility coin for the Zinnia Network.

A Final Bonus…

You can earn $ZINN before launch by completing quests on Crew3. Plus, before the launch, we will use Discord XP to give the most active members an airdrop of $ZINN based on their contribution to the network.